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What Are The Superpowers of Your Brands? Discover It!

A lot of people, kids and adults, are fans of Super-Heroes stories, such as Superman, Batman, Spiderman, etc. There are many reasons which make them love super-heroes stories. One of the things that makes super-heroes different from ordinary people is their Superpowers! Yes, Superpowers are such as being able to fly, or invisible, or being able to run very fast, etc.

Don’t you think that Brands have Superpowers too?

What Is a Superpower of a Brand?

A Superpower of a Brand can be defined as:

1. A unique extreme strength of a Brand that no other brands can compete with in the long term.

2. A unique extreme strength of a Brand which makes its customers loyal.

Some examples of superpowers of brands are the cheapest price in the market, most delicious in town, fastest delivery, most innovative, richest in features, etc.

Why Does It Important to Discover The Superpowers of Your Brand?

Whether your brand is a new player or an old player in the market, your brand has one or some superpowers. You just need to discover it. It is important to discover the superpowers of your brand because if you don’t know it, you will not know how to maintain it in the long term for the benefits of your own brand.

Discovering the superpowers of your brand is also important so that you know what to sell in all of your marketing campaigns in order to increase your brand awareness and sales.

Let’s Learn The Superpowers of The Top Three Best Global Brands

Based on Interbrand Study in 2018, the top three best global brands are Apple, Google, and Amazon.

1. Apple. Based on Interbrand’s study, Apple as a Brand has three strengths, they are Differentiation, Engagement, and Consistency. Apple always applies Simplicity Philosophy in all of its products design styles consistently. That’s the first superpower of Apple. The second superpower of Apple, Apple always delivers its products with the highest technology and richest in features in the market. The third one, Steve Jobs, as a perfectionist person, very cared on little tiny details on the design of its products. This details oriented, or perfectionism design, always becomes one of the characteristics of all Apple’s products until today.

2. Google. Interbrand’s study discovered three strengths of Google as a Brand, they are Relevance, Responsiveness, and Presence. The first superpower of Google is, almost all of Google’s services are free. It attracts massive numbers of global loyal users of Google’s services. The second superpower of Google is, Google develops and launches its new services rapidly which makes no other companies can compete with. 3. Amazon. Amazon’s brand strengths according to Interbrand are Relevance, Responsiveness, and Presence. The first superpower of Amazon is its position as the pioneer of global e-commerce site and its global market share. It makes very difficult for other e-commerce companies to compete with. The second superpower of Amazon is it provides features which make its users loyal to use, for example, its user-friendly feature.

What are the superpowers of your brands? Have you discovered it?

How will you use the superpowers of your brands for the benefits of your brands?

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