• Roby Widjaja

The Original Vs. Fake iMarketology

"You can buy a fake Louis Vuitton bag for USD 10 to 100. But, you need to spend more than USD 1,000 to buy the original Louis Vuitton bag with the same model. Fake is fake, and will never be the same to the original one. That's why fake things are cheap."

There are some people use the same "iMarketology" name, the fake iMarketology, as their company's name on the same digital marketing services business with the original iMarketology.

The original iMarketology, the one with www.imarketology.net website, was founded on November 9th 2018 by Roby Widjaja. It was founded by Roby Widjaja with his own USD 500 equity capital, not a loan and not investors' money. Roby Widjaja is 100% shareowner, founder, and CEO of the original iMarketology.

These are some truths and facts about the original iMarketology:

1. The original iMarketology hasn't been incorporated legally anywhere in this world until now.

2. Roby Widjaja, as the 100% shareowner, founder, and CEO of the original iMarketology, never has business partners, other shareholders, loans, or investors.

3. The original iMarketology always publish its clients and new projects on https://www.imarketology.net/our-clients page and its social media accounts. So, if your brands, or companies, or projects aren't listed on that web page and the original iMarketology's social media accounts and the shared one drive folder [ iMarketology Portfolio ], it means the fake iMarketology which receives your projects, works on it and receives the payments. If you are a client who give projects to iMarketology, please always ask them to update your brands' or companies' name on https://www.imarketology.net/our-clients page, the original iMarketology's social media accounts, and update your projects on the shared one drive folder [ iMarketology Portfolio ].

4. The original iMarketology's office is only one, at this address: Sutorejo Utara 23, Surabaya ( City ), Jawa Timur ( Province ), Indonesia ( Country ). It is written on https://www.imarketology.net/contact-us . The original iMarketology never has branch offices on other places in the same Surabaya ( city ), other cities, other provinces, or other countries.

5. The original iMarketology only has 1 website, www.imarketology.net . All of the original Imarketology's social media accounts are listed on the website too.

The original iMarketology has no business cooperation nor association with the fake iMarketology. Whatever the fake iMarketology and its people do in public is their responsibility financially and non-financially, not the original iMarketology's and Roby Widjaja's responsibility.

Have a great day,

Roby Widjaja

100% shareowner, founder, and CEO of The Original iMarketology

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