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  • Roby Widjaja

The Effects of The 4th Industrial Revolution on Digital Marketing

The way of human being civilization produces products has evolved over time. It was started by the 1st Industrial Revolution when people started to utilize steam power engine on the manufacturing industry. Technological advancement has made the evolution continue until today, The 4th Industrial Revolution.

The 4th Industrial Revolution is a phenomenon and the current trend in B2C and B2B industries especially Manufacturing Industry. The 4th Industrial Revolution is characterized by the utilization of automation, data exchange, cyber-physical system, The Internet of Things, cloud computing, and Artificial Intelligence on industries.

These are the effects of The 4.0 Industrial Revolution on Digital Marketing:

1. Paradigm Shift on Digital Marketing. The way people use computer and internet has evolved too since The 3rd Industrial Revolution, from using computer and internet for communication ( by emails ) and sharing and search of information to depending more and more of their daily activities on computer and internet ( such as working, shopping, studying and learning, entertainment, etc. ). Digital Marketing has become the main marketing tool and strategy from just a supporting marketing tool and strategy. More and more B2C and B2B invest heavily on their Digital Marketing Campaign.

2. More and more manufacturing companies reach their end-user customers by Digital Marketing. The 4th Industrial Revolution also revolutionize the way manufacturing companies reach their end-user customers. The 4th Industrial Revolution also revolutionize the way consumers do shopping from traditional physical shopping on physical retailers to online shopping. More and more manufacturing companies worldwide opening their own online store to reach their end-user customers directly. This way cuts the distribution cost of products from manufacturing companies to end-user customers.

3. Huge potential sales growth. The 4th Industrial Revolution also has made B2C and B2B industries to reach more customers from local regional customers to worldwide customers. As an impact, it increases the potential sales growth of the companies.

4. The importance of data is increasing. Effective digital marketing needs data especially data about digital consumer behavior. The 4th Industrial Revolution has made data collection of consumer behavior in more detail, easier, and faster. This data are important and used for formulizing Digital Marketing Strategy. Data has become a new currency.

There is no doubt that The 4th Industrial Revolution and Digital Marketing support each other, leverage each other, and influence each other. There is a reciprocal relationship between The 4th Industrial Revolution and Digital Marketing.

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