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  • Roby Widjaja

Marketing 4.0 and Digital Marketing

As human being civilization evolves, Marketing evolves too. Marketing 4.0 is a new marketing paradigm and concept which was introduced by Mr. Philip Kotler, The Father of Modern Marketing, a Professor of International Marketing at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

As a flashback, on the Marketing 1.0, companies were focused on the products, which was why it was also called “Product-Centric Era”. Companies produced products, and marketing activities were designed and adjusted based on what the companies want. Customers’ needs did not get the companies’ attention very well.

As the next improvement, Marketing 2.0 was a marketing activity which was focused on the customers, that’s why it was also named as “Customer-Centric Era”. On Marketing 2.0, companies learned about the needs and want of the customers, then the companies produced the products. Marketing activities were designed and adjusted to the customers’ needs and want.

The next evolution phase is Marketing 3.0. On the Marketing 3.0, the companies focused on humanity, this is also called as “Human-Centric Era”. On this phase, companies concerned both on products and customers. Marketing activities were designed not just functional but it was also emotional and spiritual. Companies cared more about humanity and universal values.

Now, on the Marketing 4.0, companies are in Digital Era. Marketing activities are combining both online and offline interaction. Furthermore, marketing activities also integrate both style and substance. It means, marketing is not just about good branding, but it also provides relevant content to the customers.

These are the correlations between Marketing 4.0 and Digital Marketing:

1. Digital Marketing becomes the main cause and drive of Marketing 4.0. By the evolution of consumer behavior from purchasing products and services offline to purchasing products and services online, Digital Marketing has been deployed by many companies to reach their customers. This phenomenon becomes the main cause and drive of Marketing 4.0. More and more companies invest heavily in their Digital Marketing nowadays. Digital Era has started the evolution from Marketing 3.0 to Marketing 4.0.

2. Digital Marketing becomes a main tool and strategy of companies’ marketing activities instead of just supporting tool and strategy. More and more companies have put their Digital Marketing as the main tool and strategy in this Digital Era. It happens because of changes in consumer behavior. Digital Marketing has successfully made companies reach worldwide customers and increase their sales globally.

3. Digital Marketing is the enabler factor of Marketing 4.0. Digital Marketing is the enabler factor of Marketing 4.0 because Marketing 4.0 is Marketing 3.0 in Digital Era. As the enabler factor of Marketing 4.0, Digital Marketing has enabled companies to provide and distribute content marketing easier and faster more than on Marketing 3.0 era. Digital Marketing also provides company VS customers better engagement platform by the existence of corporate social media.

It is well acknowledged that Digital Marketing is an important factor in Marketing 4.0. Digital Marketing is not just an option in Marketing 4.0, but it is a must in Marketing 4.0. It is a “now-or-never” choices for all companies to implement their Digital Marketing strategy.

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