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  • Roby Widjaja

How to measure your Brand Awareness ?

As I said previously on my previous blog post “How to maximize your Return On Investment on your Digital Marketing Campaign?” that Brand Awareness is one of two most used measurement for Digital Marketing Campaign ROI. Some of you may have a question, how to measure Brand Awareness?

These are some ways to measure your Brand Awareness:

1. Customer Survey. You can conduct a customer survey to random people about your brand by email, website, or telephone. By this survey, you can know how familiar those random people to your brand. You can do this survey by yourself or use paid survey organizations.

2. Website traffic by direct channel. You can use Google Analytics to track data about how many of your website visitors come from Direct Channel. Direct channel in Google Analytics tracks the number of your website visitors who come to your website by typing your website address directly into their address bar in their internet browsers or click a link in an untracked email. The higher the number of visitors comes from Direct Channel, the stronger your brand awareness.

3. Use the Google Trend result. It is explained in my previous blog post “Google Trend, Brand Awareness, and SEO Correlation” that your brand’s score on Google trend has a correlation to your Brand Awareness.

4. Social Media Followers. The higher the number of your social media followers can be an indication of strong brand awareness.

5. Social Media Engagement rate. Your social media engagement rate can also be used to measure your brand awareness. The higher the social media engagement rate, the stronger your brand awareness is.

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