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  • Roby Widjaja

How to maximize your Return On Investment on your Digital Marketing Campaign ?

You might have spent a lot of money on your digital marketing campaign, but you have not got your expected result. Or, you don’t know how you should measure your Return On Investment ( ROI ) on your Digital Marketing Campaign.

First of all, we should have the right measurement for ROI on Digital Marketing Campaign. Most businesses use Brand Awareness and Sales Numbers as two of their measurements for ROI on Digital Marketing Campaign. By having the right measurements for your ROI on a digital marketing campaign, you can have the right focus, goals, targets, and strategy on your digital marketing campaign.

Maximizing your ROI on your digital marketing campaign means maximizing your scores on the measurement you use for the ROI, in this case, we use brand awareness and sales numbers.

So, how we can maximize our brand awareness and sales numbers in our digital marketing campaign? These are few tips from us:

1. Choose your target audience. You can not have a one-size-fit-for-all digital marketing campaign. The bigger the size of your target audience, the bigger efforts and budget you need for your digital marketing campaign.

2. Know your target audience very well. You should know your target audience’s needs, problems, wants, and pains in order to deliver an effective digital marketing campaign. People don’t read or watch advertisements, people read or watch what interests them. Make sure your digital marketing campaign is interesting enough to trigger or attract people to read or watch it.

3. Be consistent in building your brand awareness. Every brand has one or two messages to be communicated to their target audience. For example, our own brand, iMarketology, has a message “Maximizing our clients’ ROI on Digital Marketing”. Inconsistency on your brand’s message can bring confusion to your audience, and it will make your digital marketing campaign ineffective.

4. Maximize your brand awareness. If you want to maximize your brand awareness, this article can be very helpful to you.

5. Maximize your sales numbers. If you want to maximize your sales numbers, these articles can be very helpful to you: “How to increase sales by Digital Marketing?”, “How to make a high conversion rate in Digital Marketing?“, “How to make a good website that drives a high conversion rate?“, and “How to increase online store sales?“.

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