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  • Roby Widjaja

How to make your Content Marketing viral ?

You have crafted your content ( it could be an article for blog posting, a 2D image or a video for social media posting ) very well, but it did not reach targeted audience numbers you expected. It also has a low engagement rate on your social media. What should you do for your next contents so that it can go viral?

A content is said to be viral if it is shared widely on the internet. It is mostly shared on social media. Even a short tweet with few words on Twitter can be viral. We can say that the above 1000x shared is viral content. You do not need magic to make your content marketing to go viral, you just need few tips and tricks, and the “science” behind a viral content marketing. A lot of people want their content marketing to go viral because it is a free publicity or marketing.

So, how to make your content marketing to go viral? These are a few tips and tricks from us that you can try on your content marketing:

1. Your content marketing topic and title should be a trending topic. You can check your topic or title is a trending topic by Google Trends. If it is shown high on Google Trends ( above 50 on the Google Trends graphic ), it is a trending topic. If your content marketing topic and title are connected to trending topics, your content will get a high probability to capture the attention of your most targeted audiences on the Internet, especially on Google. For example, a topic about a famous celebrity wedding party is a trending topic for the last few days on Google Trends. Then your content topic and title match with this trending topic. Your content will get a high probability to be ranked high on Search Engines on the keyword that matches the trending topic.

2. Keep it short. Most people only spend less than a minute to read a blog posting, a tweet on Twitter, texts on 2D images, or videos on YouTube. Most viral contents are short and easy to digest by the audiences.

3. It answers the pain of most of your targeted audiences. A lot of people are looking for a solution to their pain. A content that gives a solution to the pain of the most audiences will have a high probability to go viral. For example, a lot of business leaders, of small to big companies, are looking for solutions to increase their sales numbers. Your content can give solutions to increase sales numbers very well.

4. Engage more with your audiences. A content with high engagement rate has a high probability to go viral. Do not just keep silence when your audiences like, comment or share your content. Say something, reply to their comments, communicate with them, discuss your content with them on the comment section.

5. Entertain your audience with your content marketing. Most people like to be entertained. Much entertaining or inspiring advertising on the internet ( it can be a text on a 2D image or a short video ) go viral.

Well, you have got some ideas to make your content marketing go viral now. Just try it on your next content marketing. Do a lot of experiments on it.

iMarketology can help you to develop your content marketing. Happy Viral Content Marketing !