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  • Roby Widjaja

How to increase sales by Digital Marketing ?

All companies in the world are hungry for higher and higher sales numbers everyday. Nowadays, Digital Marketing is not a choice of weapons to increase sales numbers, but it is a must that all companies shall do Digital Marketing. Consumer behavior in gaining information and buying products and services has shifted from offline medias to digital medias. It has become a global trend.

Developing an effective digital strategy isn’t easy. Once you’ve got your website right, how do you begin to increase the traffic to your site, convert these visitors into customers and generate more sales ?

Smart marketers and business leaders know that their online integrated digital and social platform is not simply a megaphone for to tell the world how great their business is and beg them to make a purchase. Though you may see many new marketers to the online and social world fall to spammy tactics, they don’t usually last long. Your website, blog, social media accounts all create opportunities for you to inspire, delight, connect, entertain and inform your audience and readers. With every virtual touch, swipe, view, and listen you have and opportunity to earn a friend, to earn an advocate and customer. You have an opportunity to earn trust, start and nurture real and human relationships. You have an opportunity to earn a sale, not just push sales.

So, these are few steps to do Digital Marketing in order to increase your sales numbers :

1. Develop your Digital Marketing Strategy

2. Plan your Digital Marketing

3. Execute your Digital Marketing plan

4. Evaluate your Digital Marketing Strategy and Plan

5. Return to step 1

Digital Marketing Strategy should answer these following questions at least: what differentiate your company/products or services to your competitors ? What is your segmentation, target and positioning on the market ? What digital platforms and tools you will use on your Digital Marketing, such as Search Engine, online advertisings, social medias content and advertising, etc ? Are you going to manage all your Digital Marketing by yourself or outsource it to Digital Marketing Specialist companies such as iMarketology ? Right Strategy with right execution will deliver right expected results.

Your Digital Marketing Plan is an execution plan of your Digital Marketing Strategy. It has financial budget, needed human resources, time schedule and actions definition on it at least. You can make quarterly or yearly plan. Then, at the end of your plan’s period, you can evaluate it ( step 4 ) in order to adjust or change your Digital Marketing Strategy ( back to Step 1 ).

On step 3, Digital Marketing Plan Execution, you will get into practical and technical sides of Digital Marketing. You will have to develop your websites or online stores, set up your social media accounts, choose right social media influencers, develop digital marketing contents ( such as images, videos, online banners, articles on your blogs, etc. ), optimize search engine results on your keywords, etc. You will need to outsource to Digital Marketing Specialist companies ( such as iMarketology ) some or all works on this step.

On the Evaluation step, step 4, you have to find out what execution actions, on step 3, work or do not work in order to achieve your expected sales target and other qualitative targets. So, you can use your evaluation result to adjust and change your Digital Marketing Strategy for the next period of your Digital Marketing plan.

Once again, right strategy with right executions will deliver right expected results !

Thank you for reading, happy digital marketing and selling !

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