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  • Roby Widjaja

How to increase CTR for SEO?

CTR ( Click Through Rate ) is how many times your URL is being clicked by Search Engine Users on Search Engine Result Pages ( SERP ) compared to the impression numbers. The formula to calculate CTR is numbers of clicks divided by impression numbers times by 100. In another way, CTR = ( numbers of clicks/impression numbers ) x 100.

CTR also influences the rank of your URL on SERP. The lower your CTR, the lower rank your URL will get on SERP. The higher your CTR, the higher rank your URL will get on SERP.

Your CTR is also the same to your traffic to your website.

So, how to increase CTR for Search Engine Optimization ( SEO)?

1. Your Title should be attractive enough to make Search Engine Users are attracted to click it. Search Engine Users only spend less than 3 seconds to decide to click your URL or not on SERPs. They only read your URL’s title and first three sentences for the decision making process. It means, your URL’s title is very important to attract Search Engine Users to click it. These previous blog postings can help you to make your title attractive, How do people search on Search Engines? and How to utilize user intent searches for Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )?

2. Your first three sentences should be attractive too. Other than your URL’s title, Search Engine Users also read the first three sentences of your written content to decide to click your URL on SERPs or not. Make sure your first three sentences make people are curious to read more. Curiosity can trigger most people to click your URL on SERPs.

Having a high impression rate of your URL on SERPs is important, but without high CTR it is useless to have high impression rate. Your true real traffic comes from Search Engine Users who click your URLs on SERPs.

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