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  • Roby Widjaja

How to increase creativity for your Content Marketing ?

Developing content daily could be difficult without high creativity. Making your content stand out and getting the attention of the audience need creativity. Without creativity, you could be running out of ideas easily. So, how to increase creativity for your content marketing?

Here are few tips from us on how to increase creativity for your content marketing:

1. Read more. Watch more. Observe more. Read more books or articles. Watch more movies or inspiring advertising videos. Observe more on ordinary simple objects you could find surrounding you. These activities help you to receive more knowledge and information which can induce your creativity higher at the end. By observing more on ordinary simple objects, such as a tree, or your pet, it can stimulate your brain and give you more new ideas for your content.

2. Connect more with people. By connecting more with other people socially, you can know what is the trending topics on the society now. You also receive new information during your conversation with other people. Through the conversation with other people, you can know other people’s opinions on something from many different perspectives. These conversations can enrich your mind and increase your creativity at the end.

3. Have “me time” regularly. “Me time” is a very important thing to do not just for increasing your creativity, but it is also for your health. You need to spend a few hours weekly to have your “me time”. You can do all of the things you like or your hobby during “me time”, for examples of reading books, fishing, meditation, watching movies, cooking, etc. “Me time” refreshes your mind. A refreshed mind let you think more creatively.

Without creativity, your “idea generator machine” could not run well. As the impact, your content may become dull and difficult to get the attention of the audience. That’s why it is very important to increase your creativity for your content marketing. High creativity can take your content marketing to the next levels.

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