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Empowering Marketing Campaign by Universal Human Values

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

Do you realize that empowering your marketing campaign by universal human values can make your marketing campaign touches the heart, feeling, and emotion of your target customers effectively?

Marketing is not just a “Revenue Generator Machine”. Your marketing team members are human. Your marketing campaign is created and done by humans ( your marketing team members ) for humans ( your target customers ). As human, customers have a natural intrinsic desire to be treated as a human being, not as an object of selling products or services. Whether you realize it or not, as human beings, most of your customers live by and love universal human values in their daily life.

What is Universal Human Values?

Values, in this context, are standards, ideas or “compass” which are used by a person or a society to evaluate actions, people, things, or situations. Beauty, honesty, justice, kindness, peace, generosity are all examples of values that many people endorse.

Universal Human Values are a set of values which are accepted and used by almost all human being in this world no matter what their nationalities, races, tribes, religions, gender, and age are.

Kofi Annan said, “ ...But universal values are also more acutely need, in this age of globalization, than ever before. Every society needs to be bound together by common values, so that its members know what to expect of each other, and have shared principles by which to manage their differences without resorting to violence. That is true of local communities and of national communities. Today, as globalization bring us all closer together, and our lives are affected almost instantly by things that people say and do on the far side of the world, we also feel the need to live as a global community. And we can do so only if we have global values to bind us together.... ”

Love, peace, kindness, compassion, freedom, social progress, equal rights, and human dignity are just some examples of many universal human values that bind us, all human beings in this world, together.

Three Examples of How to Empower Your Marketing Campaign by Universal Human Values

The first example: You are trying to find inspiration for short videos for your marketing campaign. Then, you choose to use LOVE as the universal human value to empower your marketing campaign. You can show “how people love each other” in many different types of LOVE on your short videos. For examples: “a man is trying to propose his woman to get married with him in a very surprising romantic way”, “a father who loves his family”, “a mother who loves her family”, “a brother and a sister who help each other in a difficult situation”, and “two best friends who always care and share each other”. The Big Theme of those short videos is LOVE. Most people like heart touching LOVE stories. By using those short videos on your marketing campaign, you don’t only promote your brand, but you also educate your audiences to LOVE each other in many different types of LOVE.

The second example: You are looking for new ideas for your marketing campaign. Then, you choose to use HELPING OTHERS as the universal human value to empower your marketing campaign. You decide to create a charity fundraising program to give scholarships to poor children who can’t afford their education. You make a program that every USD 1 a person donates to your charity bank account, your company also donates USD 1 in that bank account equally. By this marketing program, your company doesn’t only promote your brand, but also improving the lives of the children, and at the same time, you make people love your brand.

The third example: You are trying to find inspirations for your User Generated Content campaign. You choose to use random acts of KINDNESS as the Main Big Theme of your User Generated Content campaign. You can inspire and mobilize people to do random acts of KINDNESS by your marketing campaign on media. Then, you ask people who do it to post short stories with pictures or amateur videos on your corporate social media and on their social media with certain same hashtags. Your company chooses 1,000 best random act of kindness then give them your free products or services as rewards. Most people around the world love to do good things to others, they just need to be motivated and inspired by others to do it.

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