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A Glimpse About 7 Technologies of The Future

Image source: https://unsplash.com/We don’t live in the past nor future, but we live in the present. We can’t change past, but we can create the expected and desired future of human being civilization by what we decide and do in the present. The best way to predict the future is by creating the future.”

[ Roby Widjaja ]

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This article is written in April 2020 at Surabaya ( City ) in Indonesia ( Country ) when the whole world is suffering from the global corona virus ( COVID-19 ) pandemic. This global virus pandemic is “colouring” the pages of the first few months of the year 2020 history book dominantly and aggressively. Nobody in the world knows exactly when this pandemic will end. Most people are panic, stay at home, work from home, have social and physical distancing with other people globally to reduce the widespread virus infection.

In my daily personal life, this global virus pandemic changes nothing on my daily lifestyle. My office is at home. I have been working at home for many years before this global virus pandemic happens. I spend most of my time at home every day to learning many different things and working.

In every crisis, there are always positive and negative sides, threats and opportunities. From the positive sides of this global virus pandemic crisis, most people spend more of their time with their family at home. People have more time to do things they like to do but they can’t do it on the normal days before this crisis happens. Some people have more time for meditation and pondering about many different things.

In the middle of my daily activities, I write this article. Reading, writing, science and technology are some of my many different passions. I write articles for many different purposes for many different people or companies as one of my financial income sources.

This global virus pandemic crisis reminds me about this topic and inspires me to write this article, A Glimpse About 7 Technologies of The Future. I believe, this kind of crisis will not happen in the future. Why am I so confident that it will not happen in the future? Let’s keep this question open until you finish reading this article completely.

I saw these 7 technologies of the future on a magic crystal ball. No, I didn’t, it’s just a joke. I am not a wizard. I observe all current existing technologies in the world including the ones in the Research and Development phase from many different information sources. Then, I make a calculated projection of the technologies in the future. It isn’t science fiction.

These technologies will improve the quality of some aspects of human beings life. Some of them will stop or even reverse the damages on the “crying” nature, the planet Earth, where human beings civilization “rents the hotel rooms until the end of the day”.


The year 2020 is at almost the end of The 4th Industrial Revolution ( Industry 4.0 ) phase. Industry 3.0 and 4.0 are driven mostly by the invention, innovation, and application of electronic computer hardware and software in the daily personal life of human beings and daily operations of companies.

The invention and development of Quantum Computing and Computer was the holy grail in Computer Science. It can be the last big thing in the history of computer science.

Almost all concepts and theories in Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) have been developed and implemented in the forms of hardware and software that almost all of you use it every day in your life, whether you realize it or not, such as some features on Search Engines ( such as Google and Bing ), Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Cortana, driverless or self-driving cars, some features on Google Maps, voice command and recognition features on your smartphones or other kinds of devices, human-voices-to-texts and texts-to-human-voices converters features or software or hardware, Google Translate, face recognition feature on your smartphones or other kinds of devices, Optical Character Recognition ( OCR ) software, some computer games, languages grammar and spelling checker features or software, etc. AI products and services have been becoming your best friends in your daily life but you may not realize it.

Office and industry automation products and services also have almost achieved its maximum technology development.

Robotic technologies and robots are parts of Industry 3.0 and 4.0.

Human beings civilization will close the last chapter of Industry 4.0 book soon.

What’s next?

Tomorrow is coming.

What is defined as “Tomorrow” here on this article can be a period of a human being civilization on the Universe ( not just Earth, right? We can do it! It’s not “Just do it!” just like a shoes’ brand tagline. ) history book from the year 2020 to 2120 approximately.

What kind of human being civilization future we expect and desire to create? Let’s create it together. Each one person on Earth can take part of it and a role in it, whatever young or old, gender, tribes, races, religions, education background, nationality and citizenship, ideologies, poor and rich, social status, professions, etc. of you. Yes, while writing this paragraph, I may be inspired by the “I Have a Dream” speech of Martin Luther King, Jr.

I have a dream that one day…

I have a dream that one day…

I have a dream that one day…

I have a dream today! I have a dream today! I have a dream today!

I believe that these 7 Technologies of The Future will improve the quality of life of human beings and also stop or even reverse the damages on nature, the Earth, where we all live together as guests, not the owners.

What are these technologies?

1. Advanced Biotechnology Applications.

Image source: https://unsplash.com/photos/LiNIONbajm4

Who wants to be sick or have diseases or have damaged biological body organs? Nobody.

All living human beings consume foods and beverages daily. The population number of human beings on Earth increases every day, but global agriculture land size decreases every day too. Vertical-farming technologies solve this problem temporarily, not in the long-term. Increasing agriculture land size by increasing global deforestation is solving one problem by creating new other problem. Climate-change negative effects also reduce the productivity rate of global agriculture every day.

What should we do to solve these global problems without creating new other global problems?

Biological DNA editing, Stem Cell Therapies, and Synthetic Biology are parts of Biotechnology. It can be applied to solve many problems on human being biological health and global agriculture.

Individual Clinical Based Biological Cell Therapies, as the advanced applications of Biological DNA Editing, Stem Cell Science, and Synthetic Biology, can do these things in the human being biological health:

Individual Clinical Based Biological Cell Therapies can be done by nano-surgeries in several hours depending on its specific case, just like people having minor or major plastic surgeries. It is not related to mass-produced orally-consumed medicines and food supplements which are labelled as “Stem Cell Therapy” medicines or food supplements. It is also not related to mass-produced skin creams, powders, gels, or liquids which usually are used on human skins daily and labelled as “Anti-Aging Stem Cell Therapy” medicines or treatments.

DNA of human biological bodies is unique and it can’t be generalized by mass-produced medicines or food supplements.

In solving present and potential future global agriculture problems, advanced biotechnology applications can do these things:

  • Editing the DNA of plants to increase its harvest productivity rate.

  • Editing the DNA of plants to create new plants’ variants which are almost 100% resistant from all kinds of diseases.

  • Editing the DNA of plants to create new plants’ variants which can grow well in extreme environments, for example too dry land, too hot or cold temperature, less nutrition in the soil, etc.

  • Creating and producing Lab-grown food products.

  • Cloning or duplicating plants seeds and sprouts rapidly in labs.

  • Creating new plants and animals species, just like a kid drawing a new plant or animal species picture on a piece of empty plain paper, then the plant or animal on the paper becoming alive suddenly by magic. It’s 100% possible to do it.

2. Highly Efficient Productive Clean Renewable Energy Technologies.

Image source: https://unsplash.com/photos/Ilpf2eUPpUE

Energy sources and energy supply sufficiency are global problems that all countries in the world are facing it. As the human beings population grow, businesses and industries activities increase, energy demand increases too.

It is proven scientifically that fossil fuels based energy utilization has many negative effects on nature and living organisms’ health. Clean Renewable Energy Technologies and its global utilization are the best solution.

In the past and present, the main problems in clean renewable technologies development and utilization are its efficiency and productivity rates, its high price or initial investment, and energy storage technologies. These problems have made many governments, companies, and people avoid to implement clean renewable technologies.

Highly efficient clean renewable technology means almost 100% from the energy input in one form ( for example sunlight, winds, water kinetic, etc. ) is converted to usable electricity. From this definition, we get the efficiency rate of clean renewable energy technologies. For example, the highest efficiency rate of solar panels available in the global market in 2020 is about 22%.

The second important thing is the productivity rate. We can calculate the productivity rate with this mathematical formula:

PR = (( TEP x EP ) / TI ) x 100%

PR = Productivity Rate in %.

TEP = Total Electricity Production in kilowatt-hour unit during the lifetime or productive period of the device.

EP = Electricity Price in XYZ currency per kilowatt-hour.

TI = Total financial Investment in XYZ currency needed to buy the device.

An imaginary case as an example,

A unit solar panel price is USD 100 ( TI = USD 100 ). It can generate electricity for 1 kilowatt per hour. Its lifetime or productive period is 10 years. The TEP is equal to 1 kilowatt per hour x 10 years x 12 months x 30 days x 24 hours, equal to 86,400 kilowatt-hours. The electricity price rate ( EP ) in that country is USD 0.20 per kilowatt-hour.

The Productivity Rate = (( 86,400 kilowatt hours x USD 0.20 per kilowatt hour ) / USD 100 ) x 100%

The Productivity Rate is 172,8 %.

On another mathematical formula version, we can add total accumulated operational and maintenance financial cost in XYZ currency during the lifetime of the device to the TI factor.

Among all current existing clean renewable technologies, Solar Cell and Atomic Battery will dominate future global energy sources while fossil fuels based energy sources utilization decreasing every day.

Solar cell technologies will be developed in many different types for many different purposes and utilizations, such as transparent and not transparent ones, flexible thin-film ones, transparent glass just like Corning glass ( It doesn’t mean this company has produced solar cell glass. ), etc.

Just imagine, the windows’ glasses, walls’ surface, and the roof of your house or building are solar panels and generate usable electricity every day. Combined with the atomic battery as the second electricity source, your house and building will be able to generate electricity independently, have a self-sufficient energy supply, and reduce the energy storage devices utilization.

Atomic battery? When you hear or read about it, don’t associate it with Fusion and Fission Nuclear Power Plants which have melting down risks, just like nuclear power plant disasters on Chernobyl and Fukushima. The atomic battery has zero melting down risks, but it still uses radioactive materials which need safety procedures.

All future research and development of clean renewable energy technologies and all of its supporting technologies ( such as energy storage devices ) will enable individual houses and buildings to generate electricity independently or have a self-sufficient electricity supply, with low initial financial investment and monthly operational and maintenance costs. It will also enable less energy storage devices utilization with much smaller space or room to store the energy storage devices as the implication.

As the research and development will be done continuously and globally, efficiency and productivity rates will become higher and higher every year. Someday, it is 100% possible to generate usable electricity with almost zero financial cost. When the device lifetime or productive period is too long, and the efficiency rate is almost 100%, and the productivity rate is also too big, it is the critical point when we can generate electricity with almost zero financial cost. On the paper, with mathematical calculation, it is 100% possible.

Who in this world doesn’t want almost free financially unlimited electricity?

3. Self-Recharged Electronic Devices.

Image source: https://unsplash.com/photos/jXd2FSvcRr8

100% electric cars are dominating the global car market and eat the global market share of fossil-fuel-based cars and hybrid cars every day.

What do you think about driving your electric car as many miles as you want without recharging the batteries at public battery recharging stations?

What do you think about driving your electric car, the more miles you drive it, the more it generates electricity too?

Most of you “can’t live” anymore without your smartphones. Is it true?

Someday, it is 100% possible to create self-recharged self-sufficient electricity supply electronic devices, including smartphones.

How does it feel, if you don’t need power bank devices, charger devices, wireless charger devices, etc. anymore wherever you are and you go? You also don’t need to recharge your smartphones anymore when you’re at home. What do you think?

Someday, all electronic devices, including the ones you usually use at home or inside a building, can be made self-recharged self-sufficient electricity supply 24 hours 7 days. What do you think if you don’t need electricity power outlets anymore on the walls of your houses or buildings? Yes, of course, you don’t need electricity cables anymore too. Who needs those things if all of your electronic devices at home are electricity supply independent.

4. Human Brain Waves Reader and Transmitter Technologies.

Image source: https://unsplash.com/photos/byp5TTxUbL0

The human brain has many billions of neurons which connect and communicate with each other with small electrical currents. The neurons activities generate electrical pulses and those electrical pulses form brain waves.

Brain waves can be detected from outside human biological body, amplified, analyzed, visualized, and transmitted by specific purpose electronic devices or part of electronic devices.

Whatever human beings say through their mouth, think silently on their mind, feel with their feelings and emotions, and do physically ( including sleeping ) affect and change the brain waves.

Human brain waves can be used to replace human fingers, hands, and audible voices to control and give commands to nearby electronic devices, including electronic devices inside your electric cars too.

What do you think if you can control and give commands to your smartphones and other electronic devices including your electric cars using your brain only, without your fingers, hands, and audible voices?

What do you think if your nearby electronic devices can send texts, audio, and visual data into your brain directly by transmitting Artificial-Intelligence-generated brain waves to your brain directly? So, you don’t need to watch it by your human eyes and listen to it by your human ears anymore.

It’s all 100% possible to be created in the future.

5. Vertically Take Off Flying Vehicles.

Image source: https://www.financialexpress.com/auto/car-news/porsche-and-boeing-collaborate-to-develop-electric-flying-car-with-vertical-takeoff-and-landing/1732898/

Do you like to be stuck in a traffic jam on the streets? Traffic jams on the streets is a global problem.

Human being civilization has been developing and maintaining land transportation infrastructures ( such as roads, streets, highways, railroads, train stations, bus stations, etc. ) since the first invention of wheels around 3,500 BC. It means land transportation infrastructures have been developed and maintained for about 5,500 years from the first invention of wheels until the year 2020.

Have you ever calculated how much money all governments around the world have spent to develop and maintain all the global land infrastructures during the 5,500 years? I haven’t done thorough scientific research to calculate it, but I believe it can be more than USD 1 Quadrillion globally.

Our global current existing land transportation system is not efficient and effective.

Air and sea private and public transportation systems are the best options compared to land transportation. By air and sea transportation systems, there are at least two advantages, there are no more traffic jams and we don’t need to develop and maintain costly land transportation infrastructures.

It’s total freedom of transportation, flying as free as birds on the sky and cruising as free as fishes on the seas.

Some private companies around the world have been researching and developing Vertically Take Off Flying Vehicles. Some of them have successfully built ready to market prototypes.

Let’s fly and cruise globally…

6. Lab-Made Super Materials.

Image source: https://www.scitecheuropa.eu/demand-for-the-renewable-driving-the-graphene-market/96644/

Not all materials are created equal, do you agree?

Many materials can be discovered in nature in many different ways, such as mining as one of the ways. But, how about Super Materials? It has to be created in the science labs.

Human being civilization on Earth has started to create man-made materials since 14,500 BC by the first invention of pottery. Super materials are needed in extreme situations or conditions or usages or purposes, for example, extreme cold or hot temperature, flexibility, pressures, etc.

Graphene, wood sponge, platinum gold alloy, silicon X, glass coating that blocks sunlight, and gorilla glass are just some examples of man-made lab-made super materials.

Are you a smartphone user? I believe most of you will answer YES. Just try to know what Gorilla Glass is and find your smartphone’s brands on this list, Smartphones with Gorilla Glass.

Many years ago, I read an article published on internationally circulated well-known magazine, about how Steve Jobs designed Apple’s products especially iPhones. It was described in the article that Steve Jobs was very detail-oriented and a perfectionist in his design works. He custom-designed some tiny screws, with chosen high-quality stainless steel material, he used on an iPhone type he was designing with his team. He also knew that most smartphone users usually put their smartphones in trouser’s pocket or handbags together with keys ( such as cars’ and house doors’ keys ). The probability of the smartphone’s front-side glass got scratched by metal keys was big. Not just that, most smartphone users also often dropped their smartphones by accident from a few meters height point. That’s why Steve Jobs carefully chose glass type he wanted to use on his iPhone design. He wanted the glass type must be non-scratchable and hardly broken ( because of falling vertically from a few meters height ). His choice was Gorilla Glass alike at that time. It was the first time I knew and dug detail information about this super glass, Gorilla Glass alike. This is also what we call as parts of the UI/UX ( User Interface and User Experience ) design process.

It’s not just NASA and other space exploration centres on Earth that often needs super materials. Whether you realize it or not, many products you use every day have some parts made from super materials. One of the examples is your smartphones.

Another example of Super Materials usages on the products you use every day? Just try to explore what DuPont produces and sells. Some of its products are super materials too. Try to find out what products or brands or industry sectors use DuPont’s products.

7. All Technologies That Enable Human Race to Live on Other Planets.

Image source: https://unsplash.com/photos/I0fDR8xtApA

The whole universe is so huge, no, not huge, but I prefer to use “infinite” or “uncountable” words replacing the “huge” word. Nobody on Earth knows how big the whole universe is exactly, not even NASA. What NASA and other space exploration centres on Earth tell, describe, and visualize about the size of the whole universe is based on all current existing telescopes and all other space exploration technologies.

Future space telescopes and space exploration technologies may tell a bigger size number of the whole universe, including some newly discovered galaxies.

Some countries, companies, and organizations have planned to build human colonies or villages on the moon and mars.

There are 3 technology categories that must be developed to make this Possible Mission successful:

  • [ First Technology Category ] All technologies that can answer “How to get there ( Mars ) safely ?”.

  • [ Second Technology Category ] All technologies that can answer “How to build all necessary buildings, infrastructures, and sustainable life support system on the moon and Mars?”.

  • [ Third Technology Category ] All technology that can answer “How human beings and other necessary living organisms can live there in long-term sustainably self-sufficiently and healthy ( for example, no biological DNA mutation happens after few years of living on the moon or mars ) ?”.

Don’t you curious why some countries, private companies, and organizations spent and are spending many billions of US dollars to make it happen? Why? Are they crazy people?

Just find out the answer by yourself.


Image source: https://unsplash.com/photos/0nT08Z-MhiE

No matter who you are, as long as you are alive and breathing, you have future and are part of human being civilization future.

What role will you take to create the future of human being civilization together with all other people globally?

What and how will you do it?

Let’s create the future of human being civilization together.

.The End.

This article was written by Roby Widjaja.

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