Buy Our Website or Web Application Development Service from iMarketology

A personal or company website is just like your house's living room or physical office's main lobby. People get the first impression of you from your website.

Whether you realize it or not, your website [ its design, its contents, and the experiences your website users experience when they access your website ] builds your brand identity and image.


"For me, design is a creative process and artwork. That's why I like to break many rules on it"

[ Roby Widjaja, 100% Shareowner, Founder, and CEO of iMarketology ]

"In design, We apply Simplicity and Minimalism Philosophies. In this complex world, Simplicity and Minimalism are the new luxuries"

[ Roby Widjaja, 100% Shareowner, Founder, and CEO of iMarketology ]

On this service, we develop a static website or dynamic web application. We develop it on the platform only ( Development service on the Microsoft Azure platform is coming soon ). A static website is a website that doesn't have and access the database. So, the website users will not be able to input and query data on the static website.

This service is delivered to you by these specifications:

1. It is custom developed on the platform only.
2. We give 3 UI/UX design alternatives. The chosen one will be developed fully.

3. This service price rate is [ Quantity x USD 2,000 ]. Clients must discuss and consult with iMarketology by email first ( send to ) to determine the Quantity number before buying this service.