Buy Our Company or Product NAME and TAGLINE Creation Service from iMarketology

What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

A company's or product's NAME and TAGLINE are elements of Brand Identity. The right NAME and TAGLINE can help companies to build their brands easier, make public to remember it too easily, have a bigger probability for brand recall, or even become a part of cultural products ( for examples: people use it on memes, people print it on t-shirts voluntarily, people use it in slangs, etc. ).

"A great NAME and TAGLINE are too easy to remember by the public, unique and differentiating your brand in the market, and communicating your brand's main message very well"

[ Roby Widjaja, 100% Shareowner, Founder, and CEO of iMarketology ]


On this offer, we deliver:
1. Three different names and taglines options
2. The chosen name's and tagline's philosophy. The philosophy can be written on the "About Us" section of your Official Websites, ( printed or digital ) company profile, etc.
3. Logo and all other related visual graphic design works are not included in this offer.

The NAME, TAGLINE, and its Philosophy are delivered in PDF file format.