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Some things in this world will always be best described by words instead of pictures and videos. Written digital content is best recognized by Search Engines compared to the image, audio, and video contents. That's why written digital content is the most Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) friendly.

A great compelling written content has a "magic" to attract targeted audiences and convince your audiences to do something or make a decision that you expect.

You can publish this article on your official website, blog, and social media.


"Whatever the purposes of the written contents, there are two most important things about it. First, it is the quality of the contents. Second, it is content distribution. The financial budget for content distribution by the organic way and paid advertisements should be bigger than for content production"

[ Roby Widjaja, 100% Shareowner, Founder, and CEO of iMarketology ]

"Before producing and distributing digital contents, thorough research must be done. It is very important to understand the target audiences very well, to know the content types that the target audiences need - want - like"

[ Roby Widjaja, 100% Shareowner, Founder, and CEO of iMarketology ]

"Great compelling written digital contents attract both target audiences and high-quality natural backlinks. High-quality natural backlinks improve Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) results. It's a long-lasting SEO method that is most loved by Search Engines"

[ Roby Widjaja, 100% Shareowner, Founder, and CEO of iMarketology ]    


On this service, we write great compelling SEO friendly written content for you by these specifications:

1. It is delivered in both PDF and Microsoft Word file formats or written online on your website or blog directly.
2. It is completed with 2 to 3 free license relevant pictures. The pictures can also be from you.
3. [ If possible ] It is linked to 1 relevant YouTube video. The YouTube video link can also be from you.
4. It can have backlinks to your official website address, some web pages of your official website, blog and blog post. 

5. It can be written in English or Indonesian language.
6. It is 100% unique, 100% original, and free from plagiarism.

7. It is delivered to you for USD 20 per 10 words. Input the number of words you want on the written content as Quantity when you buy this service.