About Us

Just like a brave sailor in his crazy adventure of conquering the seas of the world

taming the angry wild sea waves every day

exploring new unknown lands

writing his journal book with the stories of his new experiences every day


[ iMarketology: Digital Marketing Services ] dedicates itself to be a Global Market Leader Digital Marketing Services Company which serves worldwide clients by its most effective Digital Marketing Services

[ iMarketology: Digital Marketing Services ] is a Digital Marketing Services company which was founded on November 9th, 2018 by Mr. Roby Widjaja. [ iMarketology: Digital Marketing Services ] delivers its services to worldwide clients. [ iMarketology: Digital Marketing Services ] is committed to maximizing clients' ROI on Digital Marketing. 

 Almost all people can read, but only a few of them can or want to spend time

to read books


Everybody can sing, but only a few of them can sing like talented famous singers


Everybody can say "I Love You" to you easily, but only a few of them can love you

right and truly


We are here, to save your time in doing your Digital Marketing Campaign


We are here, to help you do your Digital Marketing Campaign better


All other Digital Marketing Companies can do digital marketing campaign for you,

but We deliver our Digital Marketing Services to you in order to maximize your ROI

on your digital marketing campaign

Together with our clients, we will achieve our clients' targets and goals

of their Digital Marketing Campaign

Roby Widjaja
Founder and CEO

Roby Widjaja was graduated from an Indonesian University as BSc of Computer Science in the year 1999. He has broad experiences in many different business fields as well. His education background in Computer Science, experience in the Computer Software industry, and experiences in many different business fields are the best combination for delivering the most effective Digital Marketing Services.

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